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Bughaw at Sining Collection

Bughaw at Sining is a modern interpretation of the Classic Rainbow Set in blue ombre and pastel colors. It is a tribute to Filipino craftmanship, named in our native language that resonates with poetic melody. In a country steeped with creative and skillful artisans, Bughaw at Sining is a symbol of hope for the art of woodcrafting in the country. It carries with it a vision that world-class quality can be achieved and is not far away.  

The Bughaw at Sining rainbows are beautifully housed in a contemporary version of our Classic wooden box - a crisp combination of natural wood and premium white ducco finish. The new colors on the rainbow are gentle on the eyes, not overly stimulating, but evoking calmness, and still providing enough contrast to visually engage the child. 


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