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Warranty: Standard Terms and Conditions

Manila Wooden Toys is the designer and curator of local wooden toys that encourage open ended play for children. We ensure the quality and safety by implementing quality checks at every step of the production, packaging and delivery process.


All of our toys have been tested for the following:

  • Sharp Point and Sharp Edge

  • Cracks and Breakage

  • Sure Connections and Joint Structure

  • Stain and Sealant dryness

  • Completeness

  • Drop Test

  • Splash Test

 We use natural wood in all of our toys. As a result, our toys will always have unique markings that are proof of the toy’s quality and not a defect. These may be affected by the following:


A wood’s grain is like a thumbprint of a tree – it is the longitudinal pattern of wood fibers which makes on wood unlike any other. We use different types of wood also so that there is a more sensorial experience during play. Your Manila Wooden Toy will always be one of a kind.


Depending on the age of the wood, and the temperature where it was grown and stored, the moisture content of the wood and each of its parts is different. Since we use water-based stains and sealants, parts of your Manila Wooden Toys may appear different than the rest of the toy.


Wood naturally reacts to air and temperature changes – Manila Wooden Toys cannot guarantee that your toy will never break after several months of extensive play.


Should you strongly feel that there is a clear defect in the product you received, please feel free to email us with photos and videos at within thirty (30) calendar days from day of receipt.

This warranty extends only to a specific stock number, the original purchaser and is non-transferrable. 

This warranty does not cover the breakage, discoloration, warping, molding, or any defect due to:

  • Natural wear and tear

  • Throwing, dropping from over 2ft height or forceful, repetitive banging against a hard surface

  • Improper use

  • Teething or biting

  • Soaking or submerging in any liquid or suspension

  • External manipulation such as painting or coloring over the surface


Should you need spare parts for your item/s and/or your warranty period has expired, you may email your order to in the following format:





Items/Parts Needed:


Reason for purchase of spare part/s: