Handcrafted, Locally made


Our wooden products hail all the way from Pampanga, a province from the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. Knowing that the Philippine toy industry is wanting of more high quality locally produced wooden toys,  we decided to make such toys more accessible to Filipino families. Forging a partnership with local craftsmen known for their expertise in creating high quality furniture, our team proposed a challenge to create a prototype of the classic rainbow stacker that has become very popular among children all over the world. It was their first time to venture into toy making and, thankfully, they did not disappoint. Our journey to our first batch of rainbows was truly a labor of love.  Our team and our craftsmen went through numerous revisions of the classic rainbow and  specially designed box to achieve our self-imposed high standards for quality and safety. Seeing our craftsmen go through each rainbow by hand, without the aid of modern machinery, we are proud to say that each rainbow may not be machine-perfect, but everything about our toys are perfectly handcrafted. No two toys are alike.


In supporting our products, we are also supporting our local craftsmen and their families whose talent and skills are seen in every MWT toy.